Liberation pedagogy. Politics, current affairs opinions and rants from an anarchist teacher


This blog covers the thoughts and experiences of an anarchist secondary school teacher, working on a troubled estate in the UK. As an anarchist, I find myself in an education system that I have many profound disagreements with. But, I do have the opportunity to work with hundreds of creative, inspirational and intelligent young people and, I still believe, make a positive difference to their lives and outlook. The blog will cover my day-to-day experiences, both as a teacher and workplace organiser, but will also follow my attempts – and the attempts of others who have inspired me – to synthesise my anarchist principles with my work in the classroom, trying to teach in a way that encourages kids to critically understand and engage with the world around them and equip them with the skills to be empowered, creative, politically engaged, cooperative and happy.

As well as education, I also blog on anarchist theory, history and practice as well as general current affairs.

The blog will feature guest articles, mainly on education, so drop us an email at if you want to contribute.


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